University of Leeds profiles

Name Profile information
Denise Adiwianto From Padjadjaran University
Dental simulation training Using data to support student training
Designing ideal cities Using technology to design the cities of the future
Developing efficient retail and public service networks Efficient retail and public service networks
Devesh Mistry Researching the mechanical properties of novel liquid crystal systems
Dietary Assessment ltd Food science
Discovering Dante’s Florence: enriching modern cultural and religious life Dante research
Discovering Turner’s Yorkshire: enriching public understanding and boosting tourism Turner’s Yorkshire
Divya Selva Prabhu MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences 2022
Dominique Nielsen BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise
Dr Cat Scott Staff secondment
Dr Edwin Chen University Academic Fellow in Cancer Biology
Dr James Pickering Associate Professor in Anatomy
Dr James Stark Associate Professor of Medical Humanities
Dr James Tate Institute for Transport Studies
Dr Jim Baxter Consultancy
Dr Luke Burns Teaching fellow and lecturer in Geographical Information Systems
Dr Moses Batwala Talking about leaving a legacy to the School of Medicine at Leeds
Dr Nick Jackson Programme Director and Personal Tutor
Driving leadership excellence in the NHS Senior Leadership MSc Apprenticeship