University of Leeds profiles

Name Profile information
Driving road safety in London Working with Transport for London
Easing the pressure on nuclear waste A partnership between the University of Leeds and Sellafield, the Sludge Centre of Expertise is dealing with the challenge of safely managing nuclear waste created by the UK’s nuclear power programme.
Edoardo Bono Alumnus and founder of Help for Optimism
Edson Manoel Da Silva Electronic And Electrical Engineering, Study Abroad
Eleanor Bowles Cultural Institute internship
Elizabeth Adeyemo International Foundation Year Arts and Social Science route
Elizabeth Jingyi Liu BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2022
Ellie Sleightholm Discovered a new passion on her work placement
Emilie Felletoft From Aarhus University
Emily Calvin Talking about her research
Emily Jacklin Talking about her year in industry
Emily Salt EXSEL scholarship scheme
Emma Atkinson Talking about support for the School of Earth and Environment
Emma Brown Researching a protein in Zika virus
Emma McDowell Research: Reframing theatre marketing: from transaction to enaction
Enhancing surgical practice Using virtual reality to improve surgery
Erica Ramsay Cultural Institute
Esta-Rose Nyeko-Lacek Decolonising the University
Fadiah Maghrbi MA Arabic–English Translation
Faidat Akinwole Braimoh Talking about discovery modules