Additional costs

Read about any additional costs you may need to consider.

Direct study costs 

There may be additional costs related to your course or programme of study. Some of these costs will be optional and depend on the modules you take:

  • Study abroad, work placements, field work, field trips – there will be travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.
  • Attending conferences for postgraduate researchers.
  • Professional body membership fees and / or exams.
  • Clothing and equipment – for example specialist equipment such as stethoscopes and specialist and protective clothing.
  • Materials that are specific to a project or piece of work including art materials and equipment.
  • Assessment and skills days (healthcare).
  • Video assessments (only relevant to small number of courses and includes the cost of transferring data from video camera to DVD).

Associated study costs 

In addition to general living costs, there are indirect study costs that you may incur as a student at the University of Leeds such as the following. This is not an exhaustive list and some, or all, may be relevant to you. However, it is useful for you to be aware of the types of things you may have to pay for.

Printing and photocopying 

In the majority of cases, course work and assessments can be submitted online. Some students may be required to submit work in a printed format. Students can print anywhere on campus via the MyPrint service and we have an on-campus printing facility for specialist print services.

If you are a postgraduate researcher you are required to submit your thesis for examination in printed and soft-bound format. After successful examination, you will need to submit one printed and hard-bound copy of the thesis for retention in the University Library.

Books and stationery

A wide range of resources, including most core texts, are available in the University library or online. However, you may be required to, or prefer to, buy your own copy of key text books.

Digital devices

It's possible to borrow a University laptop and PCs are available on campus in IT clusters, libraries and cafes. However, as there is limited provision you may find it useful to have your own PC, laptop or tablet that you can use around campus and in University halls of residences.

You will benefit from having an Android or Apple phone or tablet to access the UniLeeds mobile app and other online services.

Administrative fees 

There may be costs associated with travelling overseas, including immunisation and visas.

Some students may encounter a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly Criminal Service Bureau (CRB) check). This is required for certain jobs or voluntary work, for example working with children or in healthcare. The Government website has information on DBS checks.

There may be a charge if you need to re-sit an exam and there could be examination resubmission fees for postgraduate researchers. We have a guide for candidates whose theses are referred for resubmission (PDF).

It's also worth remembering graduation and the cost of hiring your gown for your degree ceremony.


If you want to join clubs and societies there may be membership or subscription fees. The Leeds University Union website has a full list of student clubs and societies where groups may have listed their joining fees.

Membership of The Edge, the University's sport and leisure facility, allows you access to fantastic on-campus health and fitness options. There are several membership and payment options for The Edge.


The University has an on-campus nursery facility that students with children can access. The prices associated with this can be found on the nursery website.