Anastasia Stephanie Angelica

MSc Food Science 2022
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Link to Leeds Ambassador

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Hello, my name is Anastasia and I’m a final year student studying Food Science.

Before coming to the University of Leeds, I completed my foundation year at INTO Manchester. I heard about the University of Leeds when I was searching for universities that offer the best Food Science degree on the internet. I looked through the Complete University Guide and found out that the University of Leeds is the top of the list.

Later, I learnt that the University earned a gold teaching excellence framework and offers an opportunity to do an industrial year or study abroad. Since Food Science is a course that I have been always aiming for since high school, and the course at Leeds is at the top of the rankings and offers an industrial year, I decided to apply to it as my firm choice.

When I first came to Leeds, I did not know anybody and feared being lonely throughout my studies. However, the University welcomed us with a warm embrace through the International Welcome Week, which offered a lot of events, including a city tour and welcome talk. These events also allowed me to get to know people, make new friends, and familiarise myself with the country and the city.

I have been studying in the University for three and a half years now and am currently in my fourth year, or my ‘Masters’ year. I am taking an integrated Masters programme which allows me to continue to a Masters programme directly from third year without re-applying. I am also only required to do one dissertation project throughout my degree.

Despite doing one dissertation, I had plenty of research on various topics during my third year. Although challenging, I am now confident with my research skills which are important for my future career as I can be flexible and learn anything that was not taught by the University before. 

My course also gives me an opportunity to implement my theoretical knowledge into practice. In my third year, I innovated a chia seed pudding from scratch with my team and earned an award of excellent team innovation from Marks and Spencer! Aside from money as a prize from my school, I gained a prestigious experience to work in a team which is crucial for my future career.

All the students and staff at the School of Food Science and Nutrition are approachable and nice. Each of the students has a personal tutor that is helpful. I rely on my personal tutor to help me maintain my academic performance. 

My favourite thing about the University is that it has excellent facilities in terms of buildings and resources. The buildings throughout the University are all good quality and have a fast internet connection. I can also easily gain research papers that are normally restricted and need to be purchased.

Furthermore, the University also offers various societies and opportunities. I am currently a member of the Street Dance, Frisbee, and Kungfu societies and most of my friends are from there. Besides being fun and exciting, I also found joining these societies allows me to be active and healthy.

Apart from studying, I enjoy the city since it is vibrant yet not as busy as London but you can still find things to do. There are shopping centres with plenty of well-known brands, happening clubs, and various international restaurants. The city is also compact. Thus, I can walk from the campus to the city centre and train station easily.

My favourite places in the city are the parks outside the city centre, such as Roundhay Park, Kirkstall Abbey and Harewood House. I love to visit them during the summer to have a picnic, a jog, or just a walk. During my spare time, I also enjoy watching movies, cooking, baking, dancing, singing and hanging out with friends. 

I am now living with my course mate in a private accommodation. The accommodation is in Woodhouse and is a popular student housing area. It is very close to the campus – only a five-minute walk. Moreover, it is near a park called Woodhouse Moor so I can do a morning walk routinely. I chose this accommodation because of its location, decent price and neighbourhood. 

I hope my profile is helpful. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything!