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MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy
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Why I chose Leeds

Before my Masters study in Leeds, I worked for three years in market research and digital marketing.

I wanted to attend a Masters course about marketing analytics to gain more analytics skills. The Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy course at the University of Leeds impressed me as a unique programme that combines the knowledge of both analytical methods and geography studies (which is difficult to find in any other marketing analytics Masters course in the UK).

Another important reason for my decision is the reputation of the Leeds University Business School, especially in Marketing (top 5 in the UK, according to the QS Rankings 2020).

Top three things I like about the University of Leeds

I feel grateful to study an interesting programme and be part of a vibrant environment like Leeds. I would like to share with you top three of my favourite things about the University of Leeds:

1: Great student support 

I am impressed by how immense the support system is for students at the University of Leeds.

Firstly, at the beginning of the first semester, each student is assigned a personal tutor, who will give us guidance and advice about our academic life. My tutor is super helpful and supportive. Thanks to her advice, I felt less overwhelmed with school work and learned how to plan my studies better.

Secondly, I find the many workshops offered by the University especially helpful, not only for my academic life but also for my career path. In terms of academic support, the services offered by the library are brilliant (it is where professional University staff help to give you feedback on your assignment writing or provide other academic training).

I find this service extremely helpful because I have never studied in an English-speaking country before and have certain difficulty in writing my essays in English. The support sessions helped me to improve my writing significantly, especially as I learned how to outline my essays more logically.

I also attended several workshops organised by the Careers Centre and gained lots of practical skills to improve my employability for future job applications.

Another thing I like is the facilities of the University. There are many study spaces available throughout the campus. Students can either study in libraries or other study spaces, which are easily found in every building on the campus.

I especially enjoy studying in the Edward Boyle Library because it helps me to focus better. Some seating areas have wonderful views, which give me lots of inspiration when I need to focus on writing. 

2: A challenging course where I can learn new things

My course in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategies has given me a really rewarding learning experience. I have learned programming languages and analytics software that help to strengthen my analytical skillsets.

My lecturers are enthusiastic about teaching and have given me great inspiration for research and study. I also like the way that all modules are delivered through a combination of lectures and seminars – we first learn the theories in lectures and later apply those theories into solving real-life business cases in seminars. I find this way of learning very practical and effective.

3: A vibrant university environment with many activities going on

The University of Leeds has a very vibrant spirit thanks to the various activities and events going on every day.

My favourite thing to do every week is to check out the Leeds University Union website to register for events. Lots of events are free and you can join in without being a member of any society. Some of my favourite events that I have been to are Pet Therapy (which takes place almost every Thursday), art workshops and volunteering events. No week will be the same because there are many different things to discover and enjoy.

In addition to joining events, I find joining societies is a great way to socialise and spend time doing things I am passionate about. I have become a member of the Baking society and Amnesty society and have the plan to join some other societies as well.

Leeds University Union has 300+ societies, so there are many activities for you to explore. No matter what your hobbies are, I’m sure you will find at least a suitable society where you can do the things you love and have friends that share the same interests as you.

Life in Leeds

Leeds is a student city which is friendly, dynamic and fun. It is also a compact city where you can travel to places easily. With its location, it is also convenient for me to travel anywhere in the UK from Leeds, whether it is to the North (Edinburgh or Glasgow) or the South (London or Wales).

I also like the fact that Leeds has the perfect combination of city life and beautiful nature. If you want to find a lively, bustling atmosphere, you can go to the restaurants, shopping centres, coffee shops or pubs in the city centre. But just 15 or 30 minutes by bus, you can easily reach the tranquil, peaceful parks and countryside, which are perfect for a weekend day trip or just a short getaway.

I am really happy about my decision to study at the University of Leeds. I think I have grown a lot both academically and professionally. I have also made precious memories and had wonderful experiences with my friends here – those joyful, happy experiences that made my time at Leeds more memorable and worth living.