Alya Jasmine

BSc Physics 2022
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Hi, everyone! My name is Alya, and I am currently a final year undergraduate studying Physics.

Before coming to Leeds, I went to St. Andrew’s College, an international sixth form college in Cambridge, to do my A-levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I originally came from Jakarta, Indonesia.  

I first heard about Leeds when I was in Year 12 in college. At the time, a good friend of mine, who was doing a business foundation course in the same college, was researching about which universities and courses she wanted to apply to in the following year. Her top choice was Accounting and Finance at the University of Leeds.

At that point, being a naive 15-year-old girl, my only university of interest was Cambridge. Mainly because I loved the city and my dad, and I thought that it was the best choice for me. However, I was curious to know why my friend wanted to go to Leeds so much, so I started doing some research of my own. That was how I found my dream course which was Chemical and Nuclear Engineering.

Long story short, I ended up applying for this course and the first offer that I got was from Leeds! Even though I eventually changed my mind and decided to do Physics instead, I am incredibly grateful that I am now here in Leeds.

The course wasn’t the only thing that attracted me to Leeds. I was impressed by how diverse the community is and the high student satisfaction. It showed me that the University was not just exceptional academically but also in other aspects such as student life and its facilities.

The determining point in my decision-making process was when I went to one of the open days. When I saw the campus first-hand, I fell in love with it and the friendly and diverse community. As an environmentalist, I also very much loved the fact that Leeds was serious about sustainability. I noticed this when I saw recycling bins including food waste bins everywhere in the student union and its pledge to go plastic-free by 2023.

Not to mention the student accommodation that Leeds provides. I live at a university accommodation that is just at the University’s doorstep. It is close to the physics school and the University’s gym (even though I am not a gym person myself). It has fantastic facilities and even has its own theatre!

Life as a Leeds student has been amazing for me. My course is very interesting, and it has given me the opportunity to become a course representative where I could expand connections and gain experience in communicating solutions to problems that physics students have encountered throughout their course.

I love the fact that the physics school offers external lectures where they invite physicists from outside the University to talk about fascinating topics outside of our syllabus. This has allowed me to become a more well-rounded physicist.

The highlight of my student life in Leeds is being a part of the Swing Dance Society. I have found dancing to jazz music to be such a fantastic way to loosen up after a day of work. I was the vice president in the society for the 2021-2022 period and I have made such good friends as well as useful organisational and leadership experience through it.

 On top of these, I am also currently the STEM Director of the Women in Leadership Society, an award-winning society at the Leeds University Union (LUU) and a member of the salsa dancing society and the vegan and vegetarian society. 

When I am not studying or doing organisational work, I like to sing. I have never sung professionally, but it is something I highly enjoy doing. I also love reading, dancing with my friends, cooking and trying out new recipes.

As a vegan, I find Leeds to be super vegan-friendly! So far, all the ingredients I need to make my food I have easily obtained from mainstream supermarkets such as Tesco and Morrisons. Not only that, nearly all restaurants that I have visited so far have vegan options too! This is definitely one of my favourite things about Leeds.

Another favourite thing of mine about Leeds, as sustainability enthusiast, is that Leeds has so many zero-waste shops where you could buy groceries with your own containers. My favourite zero-waste shop, Ecotopia, even has donation boxes for used crisp packets and dental products! This has saved my life so many times. 

Overall, I think Leeds is a fantastic place for students as it is academically challenging but it’s also buzzing with excitement. Choosing Leeds as my university has been one of the best choices that I have made in my life for sure. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the University and student life in general! I would be happy to help you however I can.