Carmen Yee Jia Wen

BSc Accounting and Finance 2021

Why did you pick the University of Leeds?

I chose to study at the University of Leeds because it was one of the top universities for Accounting and Finance, and I wanted to make sure the learning was of high quality.

But little did I know, the environment and the people I engaged with would create the best memories I would have, help me achieve my personal goals and grow as a person.

How did staff help you throughout your time at the University and did you use any support services?

My experience with the facilities, the staff, my peers and the Leeds University Union was great. It was very welcoming and supportive, which helped me settled in very quickly to a new life in the UK.

The academic staff at the Leeds University Business School were very friendly and approachable. Whenever I had queries (regarding academic materials, progression in my career, etc) I would send an email to my lecturers, and they would offer academic consultation hours in addition to the lectures and seminars.

I also found the staff at the library extremely helpful. Skills@Library, for example, helped me with academic writing, referencing, researching, and time management.

What support did you access at Leeds to help with your career goals?

The Careers Centre has a lot of services and resources, such as CV checking, lists of vacancies available, mock interview systems and aptitude practice tests. I used them while I was job searching and had assessments.

I’m very happy that the support didn’t end when I graduated. We can still receive support from the Centre and meet a global network of University of Leeds alumni.

How was the student life at Leeds?

It was great. I met many lifelong friends here, and I am happy about that.

The city is very student friendly and lively. People in Yorkshire are very friendly and the living cost is cheaper as compared to other large UK cities.

I lived in student accommodation for my first two years, and it was close to the campus and the city, so commuting was convenient as it was only a 15-minute walk between both places.

What is your top tip to make the most of studying abroad?  

My top tip for readers: go for it! Join societies and try something new! You have only got one shot as a university student, and you get to experience a different culture while living in a different country.

If you ever need support, do not be afraid to ask as well. Many of us have been in a similar position to you, and we are more than happy to have a chat.