Last updated 22 August 2022. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Leeds. Find out how to prepare for your arrival and how we can support you.

Plan your journey and your arrival 

Make sure you are confident you can travel before you apply for your visa. Our Travel Information page gives you information to help you plan your journey, including COVID-19 requirements and steps you must take before you leave home.  

Make sure you also read our page on what to bring with you to Leeds, as part of your preparation. 

Tell us when you plan to arrive 

When you have booked your travel, complete our international arrivals form to tell us your date and time of arrival. We will contact you when you arrive and help answer any initial questions you might have.

Book your arrival support 

We know how tiring travelling can be and we hope you choose to use our arrival support services so that we can help you have a smooth arrival in Leeds.  

Complete the international arrivals form below to tell us when you’ll arrive, request the airport pick-up service from Leeds Bradford Airport or Manchester Airport, and arrange your welcome food box.

Please note you must be a new student who is coming to Leeds for the first time to book our arrival support services. If this applies to you, please complete this international arrivals form to book your arrival support.

Our services include: 

Airport pick-up service
We offer a pick-up service from Leeds Bradford Airport and Manchester Airport to our University campus.

Book your airport pick-up at least five days before you plan to arrive, but don’t worry, you can update this later if your plans change. We will contact you to confirm the details of your transport at least two days before your arrival. 

Welcome food box 
Book to receive a free food box to welcome you when you arrive.

Essential items 
Check what’s included with your accommodation. If your accommodation doesn’t provide kitchen equipment, bedding, or other essential items, you can order this to be delivered to your accommodation when you arrive.

Welcome contact and help

Complete our international arrivals form even if you don’t need to book arrival services. Our International Welcome team will contact you at your University email address when you arrive to check you are OK and give you some key services you can contact if you need any help.

When to arrive

Check the following before you book your travel:

  • Information about your programme start date and induction, orientation and welcome activities
  • COVID-19 travel requirements  
  • The valid date on your visa vignette 
  • When you can move into your accommodation 

Information about your programme start date and induction, orientation and welcome activities  

Plan to arrive before the start of your programme. There will be welcome and orientation activities in person and online throughout the year, so you will find information and support to help you settle in whenever you arrive.

Check the information you will receive from your school about induction and programme start dates and any specific requirements related to arrival in Leeds. If your arrival will be delayed (e.g. visa delays), it is essential for you to contact your school for advice.

Also check information about international orientation activities you can take part in before your school induction.

COVID-19 travel requirements 

Before you arrange your travel, check the latest UK government requirements on our Travel information page. 

The valid date on your visa vignette 

If you have a visa, it’s important to check the 'valid from' date on your visa vignette. You must not attempt to enter the UK before this date, or if the date has expired. If the ‘valid to’ date has expired because you have delayed travel to the UK, please see our advice about remote study and your student visa

When you can move into your accommodation 

Check when you can move into your accommodation. Before you travel, make sure you have arranged: 

  • permanent accommodation before you arrive   
  • to arrive on your accommodation contract start date

If you have booked University of Leeds accommodation for the 2022/2023 academic year, arrive on your accommodation contract start date.  

You’ll need to complete your online accommodation induction to book a time slot to collect your keys and move into your accommodation.   

If you’ve organised to arrive before the start of your accommodation contract, we’re no longer able to help you arrange alternative accommodation.  

Unfortunately, our early arrivals accommodation is now full and the accommodation team is now unable to take any further bookings. 

You will need to arrange somewhere else to stay until you can move into your accommodation. For further information on alternative accommodation please see a list of hotels in Leeds.  

If you have booked private accommodation and wish to arrive earlier than your contract start date, you must contact your private provider directly to ask when you can arrive. 

International orientation and support to help you settle in

When you arrive in Leeds, there will be some processes to complete. Find out more about start-up processes you will need to complete on the your first weeks in Leeds section of our website.

We will remind you of these processes as part of our main international orientation talk too. International orientation is a great way to find all the essential information about living in the UK and opportunities to help you make the most of your time in Leeds. You’ll also be able to come to Welcome Lounge, a space where you can chat to our friendly student hosts and ask them any questions you have about student life in Leeds. We will also run tours, social events and activites in collaboration with the Leeds University Union to give you the best chances to meet new people and start making friends. 

If you have any questions about how to complete start-up processes, contact the Student Information Service team.

You can also find more information and support to help you settle in:  

Chat online to current students 

Before you come to Leeds and when you arrive, you can chat online to current students from our Link to Leeds ambassadors team and read their blogs. Our Link to Leeds ambassadors have experience of preparing to arrive in Leeds, settling in and student life at Leeds, so why not get in touch with them and see how they can help?  

During international orientation week, you will also be able to chat to our team of friendly student hosts at our Welcome Lounge. Come along between sessions, or whenever you can between 11am and 4pm every day during international orientation week.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) requirements in the UK and on campus 

Find out more about UK Government advice on staying safe and University coronavirus guidance