Module selection and changes

Find out more about how you will select your modules, receive your module enrolment report and how to make changes to your module choices. 

Module selection

September starters 

If you have been accepted to the University of Leeds for a September start, module choices submitted via our online form will no longer be considered and you will now need to contact the academic teaching Schools directly to make any changes to your module enrolment.  

January starters

If you have been accepted to start your studies in January, then you will receive the link to the module selection form when you are accepted to the University of Leeds. We encourage you to submit your choices as soon as possible after you have been accepted and no later than 1 December.

Module enrolment report

Your Module Enrolment Report lists the modules you have been enrolled in or rejected from and those which are still pending a decision. They are automatically sent by email approximately 8 weeks after you have submitted your module choices. You will only receive one Module Enrolment Report.

Checking your Module Enrolment Report

Online registration will open six weeks before the start of teaching (please do not attempt to register before this time; we will contact you when it is time to register). Once registered, you will gain access to Minerva, the Student portal. From Minerva, you have the option to view your modules.

When viewing your module enrolment, there are three codes which relate to three possible outcomes:

  • Temporarily Enrolled (EH): This means that your application for this module is still under review by the teaching school and a final decision has not yet been made.
  • Registered (RE or RW): This means that the teaching school or department has accepted you onto this module. You have been fully enrolled in it, and you are guaranteed a place in the class. You do not need to do anything further to take this module.
  • Drop-Deleted (DD): Unfortunately, the teaching school or department has not accepted you onto this module and you have not been enrolled in it. You may have received a comment on your Module Enrolment Report to explain the reason why you have not been accepted onto this module, but if not then you can contact the teaching school for clarification.  

If a module you applied for is not appearing on your Module Enrolment Report, then it is likely that this module was full at the time you applied, has been discontinued or the teaching school has not approved your choice. If you would like clarification on this, please see the Study Abroad Coordinator list and contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in the relevant teaching school.

If a module you applied for is still showing as 'EH,' this means a decision is still being made regarding this module. There are some cases where it is not possible to make a decision until closer to the start of teaching. If you or your home university need a decision urgently, contact the teaching school or department directly stating the date that you need a decision by. 

Changing your modules

You will be able to make changes to your modules after you have received your Module Enrolment Report by email. We strongly recommend that you finalise your modules as soon as possible after you receive your Module Enrolment Report, particularly if you are interested in taking modules in high-demand areas. You are generally able to make changes to your modules up until the end of the second week of teaching.

A total of 50–60 credits per semester is a full workload. If you are enrolled in less than 50 credits you will need to add new modules using the module catalogue, or if you enrolled in more than 60 credits you will need to drop some to bring your credit total to 60.

To add, drop, or change a module, please see the Study Abroad Coordinator contact list and email the Study Abroad Coordinator in the relevant school.

Your email should include:

  • your full name
  • your Leeds Student ID Number (this can be found in your acceptance email)
  • the module code (eg HIST 1040) and title
  • an explanation of whether you want to add, drop or change a module. If you want to change a module to a different module taught within the same teaching school also include the new module code and title.

Your parent school

You will be allocated a parent school which will be responsible for the administration of your studies at the University of Leeds.

If you have applied to Leeds via a subject specific agreement, you will be allocated a parent school dependent on which school your home university has its exchange agreement with. It won’t be possible to change parent school whilst you are studying at Leeds.

All other students will be allocated the most appropriate parent school based on your application programme of study. If you change your modules considerably then it is sensible to change your parent school to the one in which you are taking the majority of your modules. The Study Abroad Office can do this for you before or when you arrive.