Carolyn Hughes

Talking about
Studying abroad at Leeds

Academics at Leeds were engaging and stimulating. My favourite module was COMM2655: Screen Fiction, because it exposed me to British television and allowed me to apply new concepts to texts that were different, intriguing, and entertaining. It was a great opportunity to be able to continue my study of Media and Communications, while learning and comparing the elements of British TV culture to what I was familiar with at home in Canada.

My favourite thing about campus was the overall community vibe that is given off – from gathering in green spaces on a sunny day, to grabbing a coffee or a pint in the cosy bars and cafes in the union, Leeds always made you feel as though you were a part of a bigger family. This was especially important coming in from a different country, because that communal aspect immediately made me feel more at home. My favourite place on campus was Common Ground, because while you worked on comfy chairs you were guaranteed to run into a friend or two – and the music was always great. 

The city of Leeds has so much to offer and is only a ten-minute walk from campus. Buildings like the Corn Exchange and Leeds City Market house unique shops, while Trinity is a vast shoppers-haven complete with open air ceilings. I got to explore the city with other international students on the scavenger hunt put on by the school in our first few weeks. This allowed me to not only get to know my surroundings, but also get to know people from around the world who were just as eager to make new connections. I loved going into town on a nice day because you could sit out on a patio while buskers played in the streets.

Something that I loved about Leeds was that while it was a self-sufficient city, but it was close enough to permit weekend trips to London and Leeds Bradford airport allowed for greater exploration. This was my first time in Europe, and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. Leeds’ location allowed me to travel to over eight countries and nineteen cities – all while having a fantastic place to call home and come back to afterwards. Weekend trips to cities such as York, Bath, and Manchester allowed me to get a sense of the surrounding areas, while the Easter Break presented an incredible opportunity to explore more of Europe at a greater length.

Studying abroad at Leeds allowed me to learn more not only about the world, but myself. I’ve met fantastic people from around the globe who have easily become lifelong friends, and I have overall had an invaluable experience that I’m beyond grateful for.